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ECU remapping prices

Stage 1 — 79 EUR.
Stage 2 — 79 EUR.
DPF/EGR/Dtc/Add blue off — 79 EUR.
DSG — 79 EUR.

Feedback from professionals

I have been working with RSTune about 1,5 years. I have never had any issues with tuning files. If I need any improvement, specialists are always ready to help. Our customers are satisfied with this service. We mostly work with diesel vehicles, chiptuning files are always of high quality. I have practically nothing to say about files for petrol vehicles. I have little experience in this field.

Jake, England.

I used to buy completed chiptuning files. There is often no need in individual settings. I order remapping only for rare vehicle models. The only exception is chiptuning files for some old models because of little experience and missing testing platform. All customized files were of high quality and shows excellent results. We had no problems with installation.

Simon, Poland.
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