Dyno-tested chiptuning files and customized remapping

The customized chiptuning files developed by engineers with more than 12 years work experience. Dyno tests results for your customers. No extra cost for DPF, catalyst and EGR removal.

Customized remapping for your ECU. Upload the original file, note your requirements and get customized version.

RSTune chiptuning files

Tested by more than 1758 dealers
Tested on Dyno-System
Developed on WinOLS software
Compatible with both petrol and diesel vehicles
No extra cost for additional options
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Download completed chiptuning files

Dyno-tested chiptuning files developed by RSTune engineers. Dyno- and long distance tested. Your customers feel the real power increase.

Completed files for 528 models: including both rare Japan cars and popular Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ford and BMW. For every model you can choose many free options such as DSG-tuning for VAG-models, activating options, as well as DPF, catalyst and EGR removal.

Select your car and get your chiptuning files as soon as you pay it using PayPal!

Chiptuning files
Stage 1-3
DPF off
EGR off
DTC off

Upload your file for your individual remapping

If you have any rare model of the vehicle or need any special features (for example, VVT off or component protection), you may order remapping by RSTune engineers.

Upload the original file, note your requirements and get your customized version. The deadline demands on your required settings and the availability of the same model for testing.

We guarantee high results. If you have any queries concerning our products, please get in touch with our customer support team. We will quickly answer your questions and make required settings.

Our dealers’ efforts

VW Polo 1.4 TSI
HP before optimisation — 116,
after — 144.
Torque before optimisation — 174,
after — 215.
BMW X5 3.0
HP before optimisation — 245,
after — 305.
Torque before optimisation — 523,
after — 652.
Opel Astra 2.0 CDTi
HP before optimisation — 134,
after — 195.
Torque before optimisation — 247,
after — 359.
Nissan Qashqai 2.0
HP before optimisation — 141,
after — 157.
Torque before optimisation — 196,
after — 211.